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Loving A Blues Man

Digital Image I created of Robert Johnson


Black like licorice

Which I hate

Except when it’s in the form of you

Black like the berry

Which I think are so tart

Except when I get a taste of you

Black like the bruise on my heart

The same bruise you created when you left

Something you said you would never do

You and I were meant to be

A forever kinda love

Dancing through life to the sound of your guitar and down home blues

Standing in the French quarter at the stroke of midnight

Watching the Baron playing his wicked tricks

on unsuspecting tourists

We’d pass by laughing at his naughty ways

That same laughter floating through my brain as heartbroken memories

Now those days are long gone

Replaced with countless nights where I whisper your name on a falling star

Tears cascading down my face

For a love never to be returned and never replaced

A love that is loss from a cruel sickness called fame

That reached inside and took ahold of your very being

Causing you to make a deal that would sacrifice everything we believed in

Legba’s hold on you is something I just can’t fight

He got your soul and my promises of forever

Breaking my heart as I watch you run off at sundown clutching your guitar

With the sound of hellhounds chasing you into the night

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